Investment Gurus, Money Masters

many many investment gurus, in fact it is too many :-)

Greatest Investors from Investopedia

World’s richest people 2006, in investment industry, from Forbes:
(2008 list exists, but it doesn’t have the filter to choose the industry)

For the books mentioned below, you can search in Amazon and look for "table of content". An excerpt is available too. With the investment gurus name or their fund’s name, we can search using Google or Wikipedia.

book : money masters of our time, by John Train

Warren Buffett, Paul Cabot, Philip Fisher, Benjamin Graham, Stanley Kroll, T. Rowe Price, John Templeton, Larry Tisch, Robert Wilson

book: the new money masters of our time, by John Train

Jim Rogers, Michael Steinhardt, Philip Carret, George Soros, George Michaelis, John Neff, Ralph Wanger, managing Harvard’s Money, Peter Lynch

book: the winner’s circle – Wall Street’s best mutual fund managers

Richie Freeman, David Dreman, Bill Miller, Christopher Davis, John Calamos, Wallace Weitz, Richard Aster, Jr., Jeff Cardon, Joel Tillinghast, Bill Ricks & team, Bill Wilby, Jeff Everett, Sam Isaly, Bob Rodriguez..

It can be seen that (from the book’s Table of Contents) it includes large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, global/foreign, sector/bond successful mutual fund managers.

Investment quiz

Morningstar website has a structured way to learn about investment.
(Morningstar is an investment research company which provides data on investment offerings like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, ETF etc. )

Morningstar Classroom

It is divided into 4 curriculum: stocks, funds, bonds, portfolio.

Read and take the quiz. It comes in bite size, not many materials and questions per "chapter".
It’s full of funs. We can keep track of our learning progress with an account. Points can be accumulated to change for 60 days of premium subscription.

Enjoy !
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