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Buying property is a big decision. The amount of money involved is large.
There are a lot of pitfalls during the process. We need to be extra careful in every step.

Found this "Malaysia National House Buyers Association".

Some useful information:
1. Where to get help: FAQ and Forum Board, contact and advice centre

2. Statistics:
This shows complaint statistics (available from 2000 - 2006).
We will be able to take a glimpse of what can go wrong in property buying, for examples:
(the list is not exhaustive…)

  • strata titles,
  • management & maintenance,
  • late delivery & LAD claims,
  • certificate of fitness,
  • abandoned projects, (look at abandoned projects)
  • shoddy workmanship & defects,
  • non-adherence to building plans,
  • infrastructure,
  • failure to recovery on awards/prosecution of awards – section 16AD,
  • compensation delays,
  • payments…

3. Buyer watch issues
We can find lots of issues/news on Malaysia’s property/housing.
Many are newspaper articles.

4 Buyers’ group list
We can find existing owners’ association/committee (in the form of Yahoo Groups, blogs, forums) of some housing projects. Useful if you are buying 2nd hand property and wish to find out info or existing problems of that housing estate/project. Useful also if you have problems related to your house and wish to join forces with others in the same housing estate/project.

4. Useful Links
These links are extremely useful. We can find links to many real estate industry participants here. Explore..

5. The Laws/Guidelines
Laws like:

  • Building and Common Property (maintenance and management) Act
  • Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act,
  • Strata Titles Act,
  • Street, Drainage and Building Act,

Court cases are also available here.

6. Experts’ views

Report by China - Britain Busines Council - Opportunities for UK Businesses in China’s Regional Cities

China – Britain Business Council (website) has a research report on "Opportunities for UK Businesses in China’s Regional Cities".
about the report
Registration is needed for the report.
However, the report is available on internet on other site :-)

Report : Opportunities for UK Businesses in China’s Regional Cities
report link

Out of 274 municipalities, 35 regional cities are chosen based on:

  • Local sales
  • Production to supply domestic markets
  • Production to supply export markets
  • Research and development activity

Some highlights:

1. Map & Cities (page 8),

2. city attractiveness by business activity (page 11)

3. Sector specific opportunities (page 15) :

  • Advanced Engineering
  • Energy
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Financial and Professional Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Life Sciences

4. Key issues and suggested responses (page 21):
Its suggested responses give insights.

Types of key issues: (with many sub – key issues)

  • central and local government challenges
  • market challenges
  • operational challenges

Some government campaigns on regional cities development :
2000 Go West Campaign (西部大开发)
2003 Northeast Regeneration Campaign (东北振兴)
2006 Go Inland Campaign (中部崛起)

There are also Case Studies in the report.

Publication date of the report is 26 Sep 2008.
However, the report still provides insights on potentials of the regional cities.

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