Obama's remarks on American Automotive Industry

US President Barack Obama has issued "Remarks by the President on the American Automotive Industry" on 30 Mar 09. Some PDF files on Warrantee Commitment Program; GM and Chrysler’s Viability Assessment are included in the website too.

The Auto Plan

For any investor, a lot can be learnt from GM and Chrysler’s Viability Assessment. It is like a mix of industry analysis + company analysis.

Some highlights of the Auto Plan that I find interesting: (refer to the website for actual text and details)
1. Has shed over 400,000 auto-related jobs over the past years.

2. It’s not the fault of workers. It’s a failure of leadership – from Washington to Detroit.

3. Plans required hard choices by companies and stakeholders.

4. General Motors (GM) - Rick Wagoner is stepping aside as Chairman and CEO;
adequate working capital over the next 60 days; to produce a better business plan;
United States government has no interest in running GM.

5. Chrysler – potential partner Fiat to transfer its cutting-edge technology; building new fuel-efficient cars and engines; agreement that will ensure that Chrysler repays taxpayers for any new investments that are made before Fiat is allowed to take a majority ownership stake in Chrysler; give Chrysler and Fiat 30 days to reach final agreement, consider lending up to $6 billion

6. Bankruptcy code as a mechanism to help GM & Chrysler restructure quickly.

7. Warrantee of car from Chrysler, GM will be safe: the Warrantee Commitment Program

8. To support demand:
  • Recovery Act funds to purchase government cars + other federal fleet purchases.
  • Treasury Department's Consumer and Business Lending Initiative + auto finance companies: to increase flow of credits.
  • New tax benefit for auto purchases.
  • Fleet modernization programs: credit to consumers, turn in less fuel-efficient/old cars and purchase clean cars.

9. New Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers to assist the workers, communities, and regions.

Will the Auto Plan be able to revitalise the US automotive industry ?

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