Economic Analysis : Malaysia

Where to get data for economic analysis of Malaysia ?

1. Bank Negara Malaysia
BNM website

Some of the data available:
National Summary Data,
Statement of Asset & Liabilities (official international reserves position) ,
detailed breakdown of official international reserves,
rates like: exchange rate, interest rates, Islamic interbank rates,
Malaysian Government Securities ("risk free rate" for Malaysia, useful in investment calculation. Also can look at MGS yield curve),
Kijang Emas prices (gold price),
primary issues of all instruments etc.

  • Some information comes with downloadable historical data or historical chart. A good source to see the trend of the parameters.
  • By checking Advance Release Calendar, we can proactively know and check for timely, relevant data, instead of passively waiting to see the same data appearing in newspaper etc..
  • Monthly statistical bulletin is a compilation of monetary, financial & macro economic statistics. A good one-stop summary.

2. Department of Statistics, Malaysia
We can find macro-economic statistics for e.g population, vital statistics, GDP/GNI, BOP, external trade, exports, production, CPI, PPI etc. from the website. The growth rate is useful as a benchmark for economic growth.

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