WSJ top 20 most influential business thinkers

WSJ top 20 most influential business thinkers

The Top 20 mentioned are:
1. Gary Hamel
2. Thomas Friedman
3. Bill Gates
4. Malcolm Gladwell
5. Howard Gardner
6. Philip Kotler
7. Robert B. Reich
8. Daniel Goleman
9. Henry Mintzberg
10. Stephen R. Covey
11. Jeffrey Pfeffer
12. Peter M. Senge
13. Richard Branson
14. Michael E. Porter
15. Michael S. Dell
16. Geert Hoftstede
17. Clayton M. Christensen
18. Jack Welch
19. Tom Peters
20. Myron S. Scholes
20. Ikujiro Nonaka

There are some that I haven't heard of..

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