Get a copy of "the state of the union’s finance – citizen guide".
It’s a good read on US national debts, revenues, budgets and financial well beings. In the end of the pages, there are a list of high "information density" websites related to US finances.
Take a look also at the "Bonus clip". (quite a number of them !)

Investment guru: Warren Buffett

There are many books on Warren Buffett, some of which that I like are:

The Warren Buffett Way
This is my 1st book on Warren Buffett. Works great as a summary, introductory book on Warren Buffett.

The Real Warren Buffett
I like this book very much. It touches on Warren Buffett in aspects of People Leader, Capital Manager and To Act Like An Owner. More insights on his concepts.

written by Mary Buffett. Perhaps she has a better understanding on Buffett’s method.

Of Permanent Value
emphasis is on his life and deeds.

There isn’t a book by Warren Buffett on his investment method yet but we can get a glimpse through his own writings/lectures.

From Berkshire Hathaway’s website, we can get:

Owner-related business principles:
Berkshire Hathaway annual reports:

Besides that, here is another good Buffett’s resources online:

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