More on Reform on Monetary System

Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of The People’s Bank of China has more speeches related to international reserve currency:
On saving ratio
Changing Pro-cyclicality for Financial and Economic Stability

His speech text of "Reform the International Monetary System" was released on 23 Mar, "On saving ratio" on 23 Mar, "Changing Pro-cyclicality for Financial and Economic Stability" on 26 Mar. We can see his urgency to get the messages across before the G20 Summit :-)

In this Reuter’s article, it was said that "Russia said it would put forward a proposal for the creation of a new reserve currency issued by international financial institutions at the Group of 20 meeting in April." and "Moscow said it has the support of other emerging market countries, including Brazil, South Korea and South Africa for its proposal. ".

In a FT’s article, it was said that "EU leader condemns US ‘road to hell’".

US and UK are against to the proposal of new international reserve currency.

It left to be seen what will happen on the coming G20 Summit.
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