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Industry analysis is one of the 3 pillars of investment analysis, the other two are company analysis and economic analysis.

Is there any website that we can get a glimpse of these industry reports ?

Research and Market, claimed to be "World’s largest market research resources – 384,777 reports".

The industry reports in this website are not free.
However, tremendous insights can be gained by just looking at the structure of the report.

It usually comes with Description, Table of Contents, Summary, Companies Mentioned.
If you are doing your own industry research, you can learn from the website at least what topics, data and companies you have to look into. It at least sets a benchmark on what your industry report needs to cover.

Another information useful is how much these industry reports cost.

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2009 World’s Most Ethical Companies - by Ethisphere

2009 World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere

99 companies made it into the "World's Most Ethical Companies" list (available in the website).

Some highlights of selected winners are available. It will be good if the questionaires used to evaluate the ethical quotient are available.

Its methodology:
Corporate citizenship and responsibility: 20%
Corporate governance: 10%
Innovation that contributes to public well being: 15%
Industry leadership: 5%
Executive leadership and tone from the top: 15%
Legal, regulatory and reputation track record: 20%
Internal systems and ethics/compliance program: 15%

Does it pay to be ethical ?
According to the graph (in the webstie) that compare "WME vs S&P" growth% over past 5 years, it is a strong YES.

There are other interesting lists and ratings in Ethisphere, for e.g:
100 Most Influential Peoples in Business Ethics;
50 Codes Rated
Global Anti-corruption Quotient 2009.

I place its blog into my "Investment bloglist". This blog will help in showing fraud prevention insights and ethical practices that will help in preserving investment value.
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