Industry Analysis - using prospectus

Prospectus has a great amount of information. Any novice can learn a great amount from prospectus.

To illustrate the point,
let say we choose: Sime Darby (listed in Malaysia)
Sime Darby's prospectus

We can find information such as:

  • risk factors,
  • industry overview,
  • business,
  • information on substantial shareholders, directors, management,
  • financial information

Many are self-explanatory. Some pointers:
1. Pay particular attention to the risk factors
This "risk factor" is a very interesting section.
The company will honestly cover every angle to tell you what can go wrong with the company, as if trying to convince you not to buy shares of the company :-)
With this information, we will know what can affect the company’s performance in the future.
We can get information useful for Porter’s 5 forces analysis (briefly discussed in this post)

2. "Industry overview" and "business" sections. It may provide some data/insights by industry bodies to substantiate some statements. Note down the industry bodies so that we can go to them directly for data in the future.

3. "Information on substantial shareholders, directors, management" is useful to analyse on corporate governance and quality of management.

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