Management guru: Michael Porter

Michael Porter’s ideas are greatly useful in investment analysis.
His ideas on Competitive Advantage (of companies, states, countries etc.), Strategy, Clusters are insightful for industry analysis.
(In investment analysis, we normally do: company analysis, industry analysis, economic analysis.)

Magazine "Economist" has an article on Michael Porter:
article on Michael Porter

Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness of Harvard Business School is headed by Michael Porter.
ISC website

It has a great resources (pdf files) on Michael Porter’s past lectures or presentation.
We can see how his method is used to analyse competitiveness of strings of countries, Singapore included. Too bad Malaysia’s report is not included yet.

Look at a sample of how he analyses on competitiveness, clusters, strategy.
competitiveness (e.g Singapore)

Michael Porter’s consultant firm Monitor:
Monitor's website
Lots of resources on business issues and industries can be found here.

Examples of how Michael Porter’s 5-forces (threat of new entrants, power of suppliers, power of buyers, threats of substitutes, competitive rivalry) can be used in industry analysis can be seen in Investopedia’s Industry Handbook. A few industries are analysed.
Industry Handbook

Enjoy exploring :-)

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