Business Game:Business Choice and CSR

Great, I found two business simulation games from BT (British Telecommunications plc) website that are interesting and real cool !
Biz simulation game

One is Better Business Choice, in which 3 venture capitalists with 3 different types of business environments (boundary world, fluid world, engaged world). You are given a limited budget and will have to make your choices on product, consumer, materials, supplier location, suppliers, employees, R&D, energy, marketing, training. After you launch your business, it will show your year 1, 3, 5 performance on environmental, economic and social aspect. Detailed Report will then explain the effect of your choices.

The other game, Better Business Dilemmas puts you in situations of a CEO on various CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) issues in the form of emails, phone calls, memos etc. Your choice of reply will affect your performance in the view of shareholders, neighbours, employees, customers, pressure groups, shown in a chart. In the end of the game, a news article will show what happens in the annual shareholder meeting. You will be praised by some groups and scolded by some other groups. Haha, it seems that it is not easy to be a CEO.

Enjoy and have fun :-)
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