Malaysia’s Ministry of Housing and Local Government

A forum friend has recommended this website of Malaysia’s Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

This is the Ministry governing housing developers in Malaysia.

Some information from the website which may be useful for housebuyers:
Guidelines: (some highlights)
1. Guideline on licensing
Can learn a great deal on licensing of housing developers and moneylenders.

2. Guideline on housing and you (important)
This is very useful. It tells potential housebuyer what to caution for when buying a house.

3. Guideline on landscape
This is government guidelines on aspects of landscape, public parks, greening of nations etc..

Services: (some highlights)
1. Licensing (important)
We can search for registered developers/housing projects, moneylenders here.

2. Tribunal for homebuyer claims (important)
An easier, cheaper and faster means of dispute resolution for homebuyers claiming compensation/damages from housing developers.
Conditions, procedures, forms etc.. are available in the website.

3. Housing Legal Clinic
Providing advise to resolve dispute between house buyer and developer, especially to those who cannot afford legal advice

4. Prosecuted & Fined Developers (important)
Good to know which developers (and projects) have bad reputations. Avoid buying house from them.

Great website...

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