COP’s Hearing: “Learning from the Past--Lessons from the Banking Crisis of the 20th Century”

A lot can be learnt from past banking crisis and their solutions.

US’s Congressional Oversight Panel has lined up few experts for testimonies about banking crisis and their solutions.
Experts' views on past banking crisis and lesson learnt

The testimonies by these experts are compiled in the website above.

We can learn a lot about banking crisis listed below, solutions used then and insights gain:
1. Great Depression in 1930s;
2. Savings and Loan collapse in the 1980s: the solution then was Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC);
3. Banking Crisis in Japan in early 1990s;
4. Banking Crisis in Sweden in early 1990s (This solution is what they called "Nordic Capitalism – the future of capitalism"). Refer to my previous related post.

What will US (and the world) use as a solution to current financial crisis ?

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Geitner's Treasury Outlines Framework for Regulatory Reform

Geitner of US Treasury has come out with a framework for regulatory reform.
It can be read from link below:
Geitner’s Treasury Outlines Framework For Regulatory Reform

Summary: (refer to the website for actual texts and details)
4 components of regulatory reform
1. Addressing Systemic Risk
2. Protecting Consumers and Investors
3. Eliminating Gaps in Our Regulatory Structure
4. Fostering International Coordination

Primary focus: systemic risk

For 1. Addressing Systemic Risk, it is applied on the following:
1. Systemically Important Firms and Critical Payment and Settlement Systems
2. Standards on Capital and Risk Management for Systemically Important Firms
3. Registration of All Hedge Fund Advisers With AUM (asset under management) Above a Moderate Threshold
4. Oversight, Protections and Disclosure for the OTC Derivatives Market
5. Money Market Funds

How will these be done ? Which regulators will do what ?

Some of the other related main regulators in US:
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Federal Reserve
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

How will these regulators divide their turfs ?
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