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One of the ways to learn about investment is to have a glimpse on what the investment professionals in the field are required to learn.

Many of these resources are freely available online.
(refer to websites for the details)

1. CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst:
CFA Course of Study
CFA Study Sessions
(look for Candidate Body of Knowledge CBOK, Learning Outcome Statement LOS, study sessions)
Topics for 2009: (combining all 3 levels)
ethical and professional standards
tools and inputs
investment tools
asset valuation
portfolio management
behavioral finance
private wealth management
risk management
execution of portfolio decisions, monitoring, rebalancing
performance evaluation and attribution

2. CFP, Certified Financial Planner:
CFP Topic List

Topics for 2008:
general principles of financial planning
insurance planning and risk management
employee benefits planning
investment planning
income tax planning
retirement planning
estate planning

3. FRM, Financial Risk Manager
FRM study guide
(look for study guide, core reading course pack)

Topics for 2008:
quantitative analysis
market risk measurement and management
credit risk measurement and management
operational and integrated risk management, legal
risk management and investment management

4. CAIA, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst:
CAIA study guide
(look for study guide, curriculum reading)

Topics from level 1 and level 2 for 2008:
quantitative methods
professional standards and ethics
real estate
hedge funds
commodities and managed futures
private equity
venture capital
credit derivatives
current and integrated topics

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