7 traits shared by great investors

Read an article by Mark Sellers "So you want to be the next Warren Buffett ? How’s your writing ?"
Is a good read !

The article touches on competitive advantage as an investor.
It was said that reading lots of books/magazines/newspaper, getting MBA/CFA/PhD/CPA/MS etc, experience do not guarantee great success as an investor.
The article emphasizes the importance of psychology.

The articles mentioned 7 traits shared by great investors that are true sources of advantage in investment.

Trait #1
Ability to buy stocks while others are panicking and sell stocks while others are euphoric.

Trait #2
Obsessive about playing the game (investment) and wanting to win.

Trait #3
Willingness to learn from past mistakes.

Trait #4
Inherent sense of risk based on common sense.

Trait #5
Have confidence in their own conviction and stick with them, even when facing criticism.

Trait #6
Have both sides of your brain working.

Trait #7
Ability to live through volatility without changing your investment thought process.

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