Beware of bankruptcy

Seeing Lehman Brothers filing for Chapter 11 protection,
it gives a chill..

One of the worst nightmares of investing is "bankruptcy"..
It can affect our financial well-being badly, some examples:

  • company invested bankrupt,
  • critical supplier/customer of company invested bankrupt,
  • bank holding big portion of our savings bankrupt,
  • insurance company underwriting our policy bankrupt,
    ….. the list goes on…

For US,
Visual charts about different types of bankruptcy:
Chapter 7
Chapter 11
Chapter 13
Its "Troubled Company Reporter" (Asia Pacific, US, Europe) is useful..
We can look for potential problematic companies news here..
(though not sure whether the database is complete)

Web BRD (Bankruptcy Research Database)
A website to do Bankruptcy Research :-)
(to be continued….)

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