Industry analysis - industry classifications

Companies can be segregated into different industry classification for ease of discussion and analysis.

Two of the more popular industry classification methods are:
1. Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) which is developed by Dow Jones and FTSE.
ICB website
PDF file

ICB classification is in the format of :

DJ Indices and FTSE Indices are following ICB classification.

2. Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) which is developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) and Standard & Poor (S&P).
GICS website

GICS classification is in the format of :
industry group

MSCI Indices and S&P Indices are following GICS classification.
GICS classification comes with code, for example: semiconductor (45205020)


  1. Good work in digging out various valuable resources to understand the investment world we are in. However, I would love to read your ideas on investment, which I am sure you have plenty. Show me your passion in investing, and I am sure your blog will prosper.

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  2. Hello aubella,

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    I'm basically using fundamental analysis (company analysis, industry analysis, economic analysis etc.) on my investment, as you might have guessed from my posts.. I don't know much about technical analysis yet.

    Are there any particular aspects of investment that you think I should discuss on ? I may consider to discuss on it if I know something about it and when I have the time.

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  3. As I don't really know your circle of competence, so I could not suggest anything helpful at the moment. Just write about something you feel strongly about, and it should be fine. By the way, try to cross link your blog with some other similar blogs, it will help in your traffic.


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