Technopreneur’s presentation : Demo Fall 08 and TechCrunch50 Conference

Have a real feel on how technopreneurs presenting to VCs !

Demo Fall 08, San Diego.
(The Launchpad for Emerging Technology)
Date: September 7-9, 2008

  • Click on "DEMOfall 08" for lists of videos showing technopreneurs presenting their products/ideas/companies.
  • Click on "Demonstrator" to have a quick view of what are the new startup companies/products/competitions/industries etc.

TechCrunch50 Conference 2008, San Francisco
Date: September 8-10, 2008

  • Click on "Companies" to see the shortlisted companies and their presentations.
  • Click on "Experts" to see some examples of Venture Capitalists.


  1. I could never figure out where the so called term Entrepreneurship came from. If you did a survey asked a bunch of people the meaning of Entrepreneurship. I venture to guess that not even half of them would have even the slightest idea of what your talking about. I prefer the term starting a business or say I am going into business for myself. Or I am a small business owner. That way everybody would have a clear idea of what the heck your talking about. I think its time to do away with the term because its way to ambiguous a term to describe a business. I also find the term leadership to be another ambiguous term who's meaning could be very broad but this term Leadership has been around a lot longer than the term Enterpreneurship. Also the term leadership is somewhat less ambiguous than the term Enterpreneurship.

  2. @Dennis
    For entrepreneurship, I like the book "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" by Peter F. Drucker very much.

    For leadership, I lose track of what it can mean to different peoples. :-)
    Stephen Covey's "8th habits" has appendix with a section which compared different statements of leadership vs management by different authors/gurus. Good read.


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