10-point plan by Ministry of Industry & IT (MIIT) of PRC China to boost internal needs

On previous post, we see that to boost internal needs, China has a 10-point plan to boost internal needs, mostly through different types of infrastructure building and policy on agriculture, taxation, credits.

Came across this complementary 10-point plan by "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China" (MIIT) (工业和信息化部) to boost China’s internal needs.
Link on MIIT

A good read. We can see which are the industries or industries’ aspects that the China government is going to promote/encourage. This one will be more on the industries.

Related aspects/industries (refer to website for details) in summary:
1. On factor of productions like energy, transport, commodity; also on import-export, pricing, taxation, credits
2. Some projects are mentioned: 钢铁基地、百万吨乙烯、百万吨钾肥、磷复肥基地
Wow.. million tonne !
3. Equipment industry
4. Communication, Integrated System industry
5. on SME funding, credit, risk
6. IT + Industrial integration; emphasis on 汽车电子、机床电子、医疗电子
7. TD-SCDMA, IMT-Advanced
8. Agriculture
9. Fashion/apparel industry
10. Quality of corporate internal management

How will it be implemented ? Will it be effective in boosting internal needs ?

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