Laws of Malaysia

Legal protection and regulations are one of the important aspects of investment and business.
Without laws especially those governing investment and business aspects, markets cannot function well, if even function at all.

Changes of laws and regulations are also important to valuation of companies.
Modification of laws and new laws can create, boost or even destroy an industry.
Functioning of a country’s legal system is also an important intangible when doing country analysis.

Website of Attorney General’s Chambers (Jabatan Peguam Negara) of Malaysia is a good resource for laws in Malaysia.

List of laws that are related to investment, business in Malaysia:

They are classified into:
Banking and Finance Laws
Commercial Laws
Corporate and Business Laws
Constitutional Law
Custom Laws
Development Corridor Laws
Dispute Settlement Laws
Employment Laws
Environmental Law
Immigration Law
Industrial Laws
Insurance Laws
Intellectual Property Laws
Land Laws
Local Government Laws
Promotion of Investment Laws
Securities Laws
Shipping Law
Taxation Laws

Cool..This is quite a surprise. I didn’t expect there are laws like Development Corridor Laws, Promotion of Investment Laws etc..

For investment, those laws under Banking and Finance Laws, Securities Laws are particularly relevant.

List of laws (with PDF files) in Malaysia:

We may not need to know in details these laws to start investing, but it’s good to know where to look for the information when needed.

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