OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)

OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)
OPEC website is a great resource for oil-related industry.

I find its publications below very useful:
World oil outlook (annual):
This is a great industry analysis report. It started of with main assumptions.
Oil supply and demand outlook is analysed.
The report also covers oil downstream industry.

OPEC is using OPEC World Energy Model (OWEM) and World Oil Refining Logistic Demand (WORLD) model to analyse the energy industry and oil downstream industry.
The portion "major data source" tells where to get your information if you want to do your own research.
I prefer industry analysis that comes with assumptions, models used and data source/reference.

monthly oil market report (monthly)
Publishing schedule of monthly oil market report is available.

The report highlights many important components related to oil industry:
crude oil price, oil futures, commodity markets, world economy, world oil demand/supply, product markets and refinery, tanker market, oil trade, stock movements etc.

In the future, if we wish to analyse on oil industry, at least these components need to be analysed. The "world economy" portion is also useful for economic analysis, in the point of view of oil industry people.

OPEC bulletin
This OPEC bulletin has write-up on the industry.

The latest of these publications available on date of this post:
World Oil Outlook 2008
December monthly oil market report
OPEC bulletin (Nov-Dec 2008)

Other information that I find useful:
OPEC upstream investment
OPEC downstream capacity
OPEC oil reserves
It is like a "pipeline" – from oil reserves, upstream, then downstream, then to customer.

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