Harvard Business School Leadership Initiative – US business leaders (1)

I came across this book "In their time – the greatest business leaders of the 20th century".
(in Chinese version, its title is 英雄年代)
It is a great book on US business leaders, US business history in 1900s to 1990s.

From this book, I get to know this Harvard Business School – Leadership Initiative.
It is a great repository for US business leadership/history.
Let’s explore.

This "timeline" feature is really great.
It shows US’s 6 contextual factors (demographics, technology, social mores, government intervention, labour and global events) in every period of 10 years, starting from 1900s, to 1990s; and some of the great entrepreneurs, managers and leaders.
The "interesting facts" are fun.

Another feature is "leader". It shows American business leaders of 20th century,
can be filtered using last name, industry, company, era

Are there databases like this one for business leaders in Europe, Asia etc. ?

There is also another book by the same authors:
Paths to Power : How Insiders and Outsiders Shaped American Business Leadership
I haven't read this book yet.

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