Rise of Nations 大国崛起

There is this documentary series 大国崛起 (Rise of Nations) that I like very much.
It is about how some nations (Portugal, Spain, Neatherland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Russia amd United States of America) rise to become great nations.
There are many lessons we can learn from their paths to greatness (also on their decline) and obstacles they face.

There are some video clips and texts that are excerpts from the documentary series.

Website by Taiwan’s 天下magazine on 大国崛起
Click on the countries. There are some articles that are great read too.

The book 大国崛起 by 唐晋 is a great book to complement this documentary.
It gives a more detailed look on these great nations’ development path to greatness.
I think this is some kind of country analysis too (part of investment analysis) :-)

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