Real Estate Malaysia - Valuation and Property Services Department – Ministry of Finance, Malaysia

A forum friend has mentioned about this website of Malaysia’s Valuation and Property Services Department – Ministry of Finance, Malaysia :
(in Malay, it is "Jabatan Penilaian dan Perkhidmatan Harta" (JPPH) )

I think it is a great resource to read about Malaysia’s Real Estate.

JPPH has 3 programmes:
1. Valuation and Property Services
2. National Institute of Valuation (INSPEN)
3. National Property Information Center (NAPIC)

Information by NAPIC is good for Malaysia Real Estate industry analysis.
Its quarterly Property Stock Report and Property Market Status Report are particularly useful.

Property Stock Report:
Inside the Property Stock Report, there is a summary of existing stock, future supply of residential property, commercial property, industrial property and leisure property in different states of Malaysia. Occupancy rates are also available. More detailed tables are also available for different types of property.

Property Market Status Report:
Inside the Property Market Status Report, there is a summary of new launches, property overhang, unsold not constructed property, unsold under construction property and commercial complexes vacancy. (Definition of what these include are in Technical Notes.)

Information on types, unit launched, sold and sales performance are available too. More detailed tables are available. It has details to the level of district, price ranges etc.., cool.


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