Fraud prevention – information from Commercial Affair Department Singapore

Commercial Affair Department Singapore’s website has a lot of useful information on fraud prevention. I’m amazed with the many types of scams/frauds.

Some resources:

Crime alerts

Examples of scams/frauds:
Job Application Scam
Lottery/Lucky Draw scam
Kidnap scam
Impersonation scam
Elderly gold scam
Apple scam
Government welface scam
Counterfeit currency/credit card scam
Renovation scam
Rental scam

Crime prevention advice
The PDF files at the bottom are good reads.
More frauds/scams..

Press releases on scams/frauds

Other information:
links to MAS’s MoneySense – Protect Yourself Against Bogus Investment Opportunities

Singtel *127 Crime Alert SMS. (Wonder what is the cost ?)

Many of these scams/frauds are operated internationally. Therefore, it is good to explore internationally on other countries’ regulators/legal enforcers’ website for information on scams/frauds.

Really scary.. The real world is like "a jungle out there". Equip yourself with fraud prevention knowledge.


  1. I agree to you that we must be alert on any scam that may be happened including investment. Please visit the site and I am to share with you.

  2. Thx for your comment and visit to my blog.

    Are you a forex expert ?
    Which is the site you referring to ? is it your blog ?


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