US Economic Indicators

We can get US Economic Indicators from this website.
Its data sources are US Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

We can find out what are the economic indicators, source, frequency and date of release.

I try out its email updates. When there are updates, an email will be sent to my Inbox directly.

In case we want to check for data when it’s released, refer to "US Economic Indicators – calendar for 2009". This PDF file shows date and time release of particular economic indicator.

We can also go directly to US Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) to access the data.

What are the significances of these economic indicators ?
I find this book " The Atlas of Economic Indicator – a visual guide to market forces and the Federal Reserve" useful and simple to refer to.

However, do bear in mind that there is a lag between the date data is released and period it is used to measure. This in a way limits its usefulness.


  1. Some other useful links:

    The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) is also an important source of info on employment and prices (inflation).

    The Federal Reserve has data on industrial production, interest rates, exchange rates and consumer credit.

    The FDIC has further data on the banking system.

  2. Thx Hishamh, really thx for dropping by and your comment too.

    Only yesterday that I found out: they are US economic indicators in the news but are not sent to my mailbox.

    I wish to find a one-stop place to get these data to my mailbox, not for analysis but simply to see whether it rises or drops :-)

    In the "footnote" of mails sent by this economic indicator's website, it recommend this website (
    for more in-depth data.

    This Stat-USA has a lot more data. In fact, data are too many until they overwhelm.. International data are available too.

    Wish to blog on this Stat-USA website but I haven't explored how to use yet. It even has a how-to-use document for that.

    It may be more suitable for economist like you.
    You may take a look..

  3. Hi Hishamh,

    Feel free to comment, correct my mistakes and offer new insights especially on posts related to economics.

    My posts on economics are mostly put under label "economists" and "economic analysis".

  4. WY, access to data in Stat-USA is subscription only - I don't know if the email service also requires this. In any case, I always prefer going to the original source when possible.

  5. Hi Hishamh.
    Ya.. Just check the Stat-USA, it required subscription with a fee.

    The Economic Indicator website email update service is free. Have been receiving its email updates. Will check out the websites you gave.
    Hopefully they have email updates too.

  6. BLS and the Fed does have email updates. I use that along with their RSS feeds. FDIC I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do.


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