Gold price time series (dated back to 1950s)

Gold price time series is available in Deutsche Bundesbank website, yearly average, monthly average and daily rates.

Data on website

We can find:

  • Price of gold in London, morning fixing and afternoon fixing, USD;
  • Price of gold, Frankfurt Stock Exchange fixing, DM;
  • Price of gold, Dresdner Bank AG fixing, Euro.

These time series are amazing, with monthly average of price of gold in London, morning fixing dated back to 1950 !


  1. Hi hishamh, thanks for visiting my blog.

    Do you have data that you may need in your research ?
    You may try “crowdsourcing”. Someone in the “crowd” may have that piece of vital information.

    Someone asks this question in Mahalo Answers about historical gold prices.

    I did a search and found this Deutsche Bundesbank website.
    Haha, got the best answer, with a small token of reward :-)

    I have asked questions too in Mahalo Answers. Sometimes it yielded great answers.
    Maybe I shall share my experience in future post.

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