Whack a Banker arcade and game

I saw this article: 'Whack A Banker' game proving a hit in Britain in Yahoo! News and decided to do a search.

Found it ! It can be found in Tim Hunkin’s (the inventor's) website.

Read its "making of the machine". It is both hilarious and saddening.

"Two weeks later:
The good news is that the 'boring' facade doesn't seem to put people off. The bad news is that none of my hammers are lasting. People carry on using them after they've disintegrated, hitting the bankers with the central steel rod so the heads are now really battered. I'm trying the expensive stitched cloth hammer I bought to see what happens next.
4 days later still:
The £56 hammer I bought has now split. I knew people didn't like bankers, but I had no idea they disliked them quite so much. People were able to whack much more violently because the hammer was heavier and has a longer leash than my foam ones."

(You can see the picture of hammers in the link.)

I wonder whether these free Whack A Banker games below are as popular :-)
game link 1
game link 2


  1. @兰兰的
    也对。。不过觉得用whack a banker泄愤或原谅,都是有点消极的方法。。比较积极的应该教育群众以确保“骗局”不再发生,”骗子“受到制裁。

    有兴趣可看看我的“杜绝骗局”系列(label: fraud prevention),其中有一篇是谈“雷曼苦主”的,里面有一些各国的“苦主”连接,可以具体感受到受骗人的情况。。

  2. i agree with you that People carry on using them after they've disintegrated but what else they can do ..:) Closed Loop Recycling

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