Post on some outsourcing websites is on my another blog

Some friends just mentioned that they can't find my post on outsourcing websites that I mentioned to them.

It is on my another blog.

It's here.

Bankers, investors, researchers who have tasks that you wish to outsource may try the websites. You may get a glimpse of varieties of tasks being outsourced.

It's amazing.


  1. Thanks for information as a manager i know how informations are helpful thanks again.
    Professional Management Education

  2. @rlabey
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Do check out my another blog: innovation blog.
    The outsourcing/crowdsourcing theme should be in that blog. I may put more outsourcing info there as I find out more.

    Which platform will you choose to outsource ?
    Hopefully you can share some insights.

    I saw some education, financial companies outsourcing out their website design, elearning system and even industrial analysis.

    They may have earned by arbitrage. This is not the usual financial arbitrage but informational arbitrage.

    They may have paid less than 100 for some information, refine it and then sell the information to their clients at much higher price.

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